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Vacancy-Ecosystem Acoustics Scientist-IJmuiden, Near Amsterdam, Netherlands-Wageningen University and Research

Vacancy/Job Position: Ecosystem Acoustics Scientist at Wageningen UR

Organization: Wageningen Marine Research (part of Wageningen University and Research)

Location:    IJmuiden, Netherlands.

Hours:    36 (36 hour work/week)


An experienced marine ecosystem acoustics scientist who can actively apply innovative hydro acoustic monitoring techniques and contribute to sustainable resource exploitation in balance with the marine ecosystem. Wageningen Marine Research carries out applied research into this societal issue and in doing so, works closely with private companies, policy makers and other stakeholders. Hydro acoustics play a key role in this process by providing monitoring observations of marine ecosystem components, from fish and plankton resources to seabed habitat types. This information provides the scientific basis in the policy advice process for sustainable use of marine services. How can we manage fisheries so that the maximum sustainable yield will be achieved? Do offshore renewable energy installations affect species distributions? How can we use acoustic data collected by fishermen to improve ecosystem understanding? Can acoustic techniques contribute to more selective fishing? Can we improve knowledge on marine habitats by using acoustic data? We are looking for a researcher with a solid background in hydro acoustics who can take up such challenges to actively expand the knowledgebase within the institute.
In your work, you will plan, lead, and analyse data from acoustic ecosystem monitoring projects. You will develop and carry out research related to hydro acoustic observation techniques, integrate the fish and ecosystem survey programme with the assessment of pelagic stocks and ecosystem components, take active part in the policy advice process, and attend relevant international expert fora (particularly within context of ICES) that are part of your existing network.
You will contribute strongly to the visibility of Wageningen Marine Research as an expert organisation and appreciated knowledge partner, attract new clients and relationships, and develop new leads resulting in new projects and funding. You will develop and apply hydroacoustic solutions for private clients and actively pursue new market opportunities. You will take a lead role in the acoustics and electronic monitoring team. You have a record of relevant publications that demonstrate your experience, and continue to contribute to relevant peer-reviewed publications to raise the scientific and market position of the institute.

Function Requirements:

An ambitious researcher with an academic postgraduate qualification (preferably with a PhD) in hydro acoustics, Biological Sciences, Mathematics or Engineering. A good quantitative background with training in statistics and/or mathematics is a must. You have substantial relevant work experience in hydro acoustics, ocean engineering or applied mathematics and demonstrable experience in running acoustic monitoring projects at sea, including experience of survey design, equipment calibration and data analysis. This is a scientific post requiring strong analytical skills. You are familiar with spatial models and experienced in the analysis and evaluation of large datasets. Knowledge of a programming language such as R or MATLAB is essential. Experience with stock assessments is an advantage.

You consider it a challenge to work with private industry on joint projects and have a proven track record of designing, acquiring and running your own projects. These involve bigger research projects together with international scientific partners but also projects where you apply your own innovative solutions to the benefit of private companies.

You are a team player, but it is also important to be able to work independently and to take your own initiative. You are comfortable in a leadership role. Your communication skills are excellent, you are a good networker and you are able to perform well in stressful situations. You have experience in presenting scientific results, preparing reports and making presentations to communicate with both specialist and non-specialist audiences. You are flexible in your working hours as this job involves being away on research surveys at sea for up to 8 weeks per year as well as a considerable number of meetings abroad (approx. 4 weeks per year). You translate your applied research into peer reviewed publications and are a mentor to early career scientist in establishing a publication track record. Considering the close cooperation with the fishing industry you are expected to learn the Dutch language.

Working conditions:

An interesting and varied position with a lot of room for bringing in your own initiatives. We pay attention to personal development and offer good opportunities for that. You will be part of a highly motivated group of colleagues. The function level (Hay profile) is Researcher 3-4 (scale 10-11, maximum € 4757,-- per month maximum, before taxes), based on a 36 hour work week. The job location is IJmuiden, but you are expected to work in Den Helder regularly. This is a fixed-term position for a maximum of 2 years with the possibility of a permanent position thereafter.
Contact information:

Please send your application before March 13th (2017)

For more information, contact:
Tammo Bult
of 0317-487162


Wageningen Marine Research is a leading, independent research institute that focuses on strategic and applied marine ecological research. The institute was established in 2006. Products and services are executed on a project basis (more than 400 research projects) and are diverse in nature: field research, experiments on a realistic scale, exploratory studies on lab scale, data management and modelling. The institute has modern research facilities and is ISO 9001 certified. Wageningen Marine Research is an organisational part of Wageningen University and Research.

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