Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fellowship - Chemical Oceanography - Marine Institute Notification

Fellowship – Chemical Oceanography

The Fellowship Programme

The Marine Institute Fellowship Programme is a part-time research programme that aims to provide excellent Training and Development Opportunities by giving valuable work experience to recent graduates who wish to continue their studies in a field relating to the work of the Marine Institute.
In 2008, the Programme will offer part-time employment to researchers under-taking an MSc or PhD course at a recognised third level institution. Successful candidates will work part-time (i.e. 22.5 hours per week) in a Marine Institute facility in an area related to the subject of their MSc/PhD dissertation.

Brief Description of the Position

The Marine Institute Chemistry Section has monitored levels of winter nutrients (N, P, Si) in the western Irish Sea since 1991 and in recent years this was expended to the Celtic Sea and to Atlantic waters to the west of Irelan. This includes, in collaboration Oceanographic Services (OS) team, deep waters of the Rockall Trough. Consequently a substantial database has been established over the years.

In 2007, the Marine Institute launched "Sea Change, A Knowledge, Research and Innovation Strategy for Ireland 2007-2013". The Marine Institute (chemistry and OS teams) is a participant in a new SSTI-funded project under the climate change initiative of Sea Change, entitled "Impacts of Increased Atmospheric CO2 Ocean Chemistry and Ecosystems". This project aims to develop capabilities for studying CO2 flux and dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) in Irish Shelf waters through surveys and using available in situ measurements using databuoys. This will support research into the emerging field of

For more information please download the full job description (Word, 72.5KB)

The contract issued under the Marine Institute Fellowship programme will be a specified purpose contract for a duration of 3 years (4 years in the case of a PhD) with a 6-month probationary period.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for a Fellowship, please submit a CV, a letter of Application and a study proposal to Human Resources, Rinville, Oranmore, Galway by post or email to: recruitment [AT]

Please be advised that applications are not valid until they have been acknowledged by a member of the H.R. Team. The closing date for receipt of applications is Friday 1st February 2008 at 16:00.

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